Can't finalize DVD in Nero 7

I just started burning DVDs with Nero 7 Premium with limited success. (Basically, I’m using Nero Vision to add video files to a DVD – not burning ISO files) Some burns would work on my DVD player, and some would not – without changing any of the setting or the type of blank discs. It would be a crapshoot.

Then I read about “finalizing discs” and how that had to be done in order for the DVDs to be recognized by players. Great, I thought, I probably had a box unchecked or something.

So under the “more” tab on the Nero Vision Screen I found “Finalize Disc”. Super. Except every time I check it, it would say “media not supported”.

I am using Imation 4x DVD-RW discs. I then tried A Verbatim DVD-R Disc. No dice.

My DVD writer is HP DVD Writer 840e.

My questions are:

  1. Do DVDs need to be finalized in order to play on stand alone DVD players?
  2. Is it possible it’s my DVD writer and not Nero that is causing this?
  3. Am I even asking the right questions? :slight_smile:

Finalizing discs is certainly recommended, but there are a ton of things that can go wrong. First, if you have them, use more than one DVD player to test playback. In fact, the first line of defense is to test the DVD in the same drive you burnt it in so that you know the burn process went OK and that any problems are most likely the result of media or drive incompatibility. Other variables to consider are your blank media, DVD authoring software (Nero Vision in this case), and source material. If the problem consistently occurs with certain source files imported into Nero Vision and not with others, Nero Vision could be at fault. OTOH, random problems might mean your media/player compatibility is teetering on the edge, and dependent upon getting a lucky, very “clean” burn.