Cant Finalize Disk Liteon lvw 5002



I cant finalize a disk on my liteon lvw 5002 model. I have recorded a one off sporting event which I wish to keep. When I try to play the disk back on the liteon recorder it plays without any problems. When I try to play it on my PC it plays ok for the first two hours then stops. When I try to copy or use nero vision express 2 to edit it stops on Vob 4 file. Same problem with dvd decrypter stopping on vob 4 file. Cant understand why it plays in liteon recorder but not on anything else after 2 hours of play.


If it hasn’t been finalized it will have limited if any compatibility with anything other than the Liteon. What mode (speed) did you record at? The liteons have known problems finalizing near full disks. So if you recorded at 2 hour speed and stored two hours of video it may be a potential problem (It should not be, but these are liteons!).

I have had the same problem from time to time with it not finalizing and have found that if I try multiple times, it eventually works.

It could also be a media problem. Have you had any issues with the particular media you used on the liteon before, or are you trying a new media?

While this sounds backwards… If it is a critical event. You could play it on the liteon and record it on a VCR or better yet someone else’s DVD recorder. I have saved some critical recordings by moving them from my 5005 to VHS, when I could not finalize. I realize this seems nuts, but it is a question of desperation.

Hope some of the above is useful.


Thanks for help
recorded at three hour speed and left it running to end of disc

Had a matsui recorder before this and was able to copy VOB files on to PC and then burn the VOB files on to a different disk without any problems.

Still can’t understand why most of disk is ok but last hour wont read on a pc.

The disk I used came packaged with the matsui recorder.

If I must I will try to copy on to another DVD recorder as you suggested.


keymc - try what unwired suggested - record to vhs or better yet dvd. If a friend don;t have a dvdv recorder than go to VHS than back to DVD,

Sounds like you got a media problem,(CRC error) most players can get by them but when trying to copy/rip it, it is a no go on a PC recorder. When I have this problem, thanks to the macrovision hack, I play the DVD in my trusty ol Apex and record it onto a DVD in the 5005. Just did my “Road to Perdition”, that I thought I had backed up already but didn’t. PC/burner would not do it, but ah the dvd player/recorder/macrovision hack saved the day.


This is probably why it won’t finalize. Not enough “free space” left to allow finalization.

Since the Liteon plays it back fine (based on earlier post) I would “play it” on the Liteon and “record it” on the Matsui DVD recorder via s-video or component connections. Then I would finalize on the Matsui recorder.

But only record the content you want to make sure you don’t duplicate the same situation on the Matsui.


As a reminder, DVD+RWs do not require finalisation.

Thus you can record two hours without a problem (assuming good quality media). I personally always record on +RWs and use PC to create permanent copies (converting to DVD-Vido format in the process for improved compatibility).


My computer won’t read “any” write once DVR that is not finalized. What program/player are you using?

When my 5005 won’t finalize a write once disk, “usually” my 5065 unit will. Not always==but 90% of the time.

If the computer does see and begin to write the Vob file then I have used Copy it Anyway (free via google) to copy the bad spot that is causing crc errors. Takes a while. Just last night I had a vob file create errors after 100% copied was being shown. Copy it anyway went thru 156 errors before copying the file totally. Took about 20 extra minutes, but it was woth it. Cant see any errors on the copied file. Works great.

Oilman==what brand Dvd Rewrites are you using?? I get a 50-75% failure rate with Maxell, Memorex, Ridata, and Tdk. I’m looking for Verbatim and Imation but am getting bumed out with the poor performance. I’d like to make my own dvd’s like you are doing. Thanks. Bobbo.


Hi, I use Verbatim 2.4x which I buy from UK store Maplin (usually 3 for £5) but sometimes they do two for price of one. I have found these to be very reliable but even these tend to die after many uses (say >100 or so - the 1000 times claim is male bovine excrement I think). You can normally tell if the disks are getting dodgy simply by looking at them as you get patches of blue dye showing up (like smudges). You can get these by mail order if there is not a Maplin near you (if you are from the US or elsewhere, I’m sorry can’t help).


Hope this helps