Can't figure out what brand this is?

Hi all,

The CD burner is a Khypermedia.

On the label, it says:


I was under the impression that Khyper didn’t actually “make” drives, but rather they rebranded them?

It doesn’t come up in the typical system tools like AIDA or Belarc.

Anyone else have this & have figured out the true make? It’s having some burning troubles & I thought it would be worth a shot to update the firmware- but I need to know what it is first.



A little Googling got me this helpful looking post:

It took a more than a “little” Googling-

but I eventually found a link via Google “groups” which lead me to a BenQ possibility.

I d/l’d & applied the firmware & it seems ok now- until the next time? I don’t really care how long it goes- just that I have tried everything I know how to get iit running. I bought it for, like, $10 after rebates, years ago- I’m quite sure I have my money’s-worth now?

Thank you, for replying with that link,


I think you should apreciate the help of people who knows more than you and me and invest their time doing “a little googling”.
If you had done “more than a ‘little’ googling” before posting your question you would have save people a lot of time to invest in other areas–maybe more interesting that helping you with your $10 investment. And they would have received more appreiation. -> “KHCRW522452 rebadged” -> I’m Feeling Lucky. :wink:

I’m not sure why people want to bash others for asking questions in forums- it’s what they are there for? I Googled for quite a while & got to dead-ends. I posted a question to a knowledgable group. Someone attempted to help, I posted back a thank-you for their help & to let them know I had solved my issue.

What is your problem??