Can't Fast Forward or Rewind my home DVD's



Hey all, I’m new here and hope I’m in the correct forum for this post. Thanks in advance for your help/replies. :smiley: FYI: I did a few searchs b4 making this post hoping to find some solution, but I came up w/ nothing.

Problem: After I successfully make a DVD and play it on a home DVD player, I cannot FFD or Rewind. When I press the FFD or Rewind button the DVD simply skips to the next or previous chapter.

What I’m Doing: I am burning AVI-DVD. 2 or 4 AVIs per DVD. Just running some test the DVDs aren’t even at 50% cappacity.
-Media is Imation DVD-RW 4X (Brand New).
-Burner is listed in my Signature
-Authoring software is Intervideo Home Theater v.2.5 or Intervideo DVD Maker 3.0 ( I’ve used both w/ same result)
Note: I am not trying to put in any menus or anything fancy. All I have attempted to do is: a. Select a few AVIs, b. Burn them to DVD RW. No erros in the compilation or burn process. Just the above stated “Problem”.

Problem 2: Need Suggestion for Video Editing Software and subsequent Video to DVD software.
Currently: I’m using Windows Movie Maker for Video Editing b/c it’s EZ as Pie(also have Sony Vegas but I don’t like learning curve).
And, I’m using Intervideo Home Theater to make the DVD’s.
I read the reviews on this forum, The Ulead software looks good. But, I really lack in knowledge on this subject, and, don’t want to get the wrong software.

Problem 3: Need Suggestion for a Video Capture Device/TV Tuner that is know to work w/ Win XP 64. Please note my PC I just orderd in my signature. I didn’t order a TV Tuner card b/c I couldn’t decide on one. I will most likely hold out for the Leadtek WinFast PVR3000 Deluxe :iagree: ;but, if there is a good one out there that someone here would suggest, that would be awesome.

Thanks again for your time.


If you have more questions, feel free to ask…


Okay, this is a lot of questions, so I’ll try to take one at a time. First, on your dvd remote, there should be two sets of buttons. One set is to skip by chapter, and one is fast forward and rewind. Are you positive that you are using the correct buttons.
My bestfriend asked me the same thing. DOH!!! :doh: I’ll look into to that. I’m on a drilling rig atm, up near Plains, NM. Lot’s of snow. Not for sure when I will get back to my PC.

What size are the avi files (how many hours per avi file). Are you sure that your avi’s are all the same (ie, not divx, xvid, dv-avi, mixed with avi), and do they all use the same settings/codec, and have the same audio types. You can find this out by running GSPOT against each file.
.avi’s should all be the same. About 10 megs, 15 to 20 min each. Can you post a link to GSPOT or should I just google it?

DVD-RW is okay to use for testing, but is not good to use for your actual movies. You need to use a good quality dvd-r or dvd+r (depending on which your standalone plays best), such as verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, FujiFilm (made in japan). The authoring software you are using will do the job, but is not really all that good.
Thanks for this advice.

You also need to be aware of what bitrate your final product is encoded at.

Bitrate?? What is the importance. :confused:

There are some really good tutorials available for Vegas which can have you up and running within about 6 - 8 hours. It would be well worth it for you to do that. You won’t be disappointed. Vegas is a premiere editing authoring software. I know your pain, as I use Vegas and also went through this same learning process. But once you start using it, you won’t want to use anything else. It does very precise cuts, and gives you lots of control of your project. Ulead Studio 10, Movie Factory, and a few others all also very good softwares, but they can’t compare to Vegas. If you want something easier and of good quality, you should look into Vegas Movie Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements.
Ok, if I find the time I will give it another shot. But, that Windows Movie Maker was sooooo EZ, once I discoverd it and it comes w/ SP2 for free. I was hooked. “If its that EZ, its gotta be Cheezie” :sad:

With you Vegas software, did you get DVDArchitect?
No idea bro, spent about 3 hours w/ Vegas, figured the learning curve was much to much for me. End of Story.

I haven’t looked into 64bit capture devices. You can try looking at, in the capture tools, and the capture forum to see what others recommend and/or use. I hope this helps!
Ok! I will look into that sight, b/c I read the feedback at on video capture cards(pci/USB 2.0) and started feeling they were all junk.

Thanks again!!!


You can find gspot easily by googling it. If you are new to this video stuff, I highly recommend that you do some reading at They have some really good guides and tutorials, and a forum devoted to video stuff. Bitrates are extremely important as to the final quality of your video. The higher the bitrate, the better the outcome. For non HDTV stuff, somewhere around 8000 - 9000 bitrate is good. For HDTV, 13000 to 15000 is recommended.