Can't extract files from iso using isobuster


I have this iso file, which i tried using isobuster to open but when it opened it only has track1 (rather then a list of files to extract). Has anyone else had this ‘problem’ and what should I do? Hope someone can help, cheers. :cop:

Not sure but think you could just use nero to burn image,
then youll have all the files on disk
and use the one you want

Mount it with Daemon tools then you should be able to brouse the contents as if it was on a disc.

If Isubuster can’t read the contents,or DaemonTools can’t mount it,it’s possible that the image is corrupt…

I am having the relatively same sorta problem
When I click on extract, even a 1.5 Gb file is shown for an instance to be extracted to my desired destination of the hdd, but in fact No copying takes place. I go that destination and find that no file has been extracted.

WinRAR will extract files from a *.iso