Can't extract clip from cd,mpeg unplayable/protected

hi all,
i have a fire awareness original cd which i need to extract audio and video from (which will then be re-authored) for a training film.
the problem is that the cd seems to have some sort of protection on it,when i explore it there is an mpeg file but nothing will open it for either playing or editing.
you start the cd by clicking a director player (macromedia) icon,which launches,verifies the authenticity of cd and then lets you start the film in its own player.
i have already tried the program Camtasia set on screen capture,which gave me everything apart from the contents of the video window(the window was just black in the playback).
so basically if there is some way i can make the mpeg file useable,this would be ideal,as i only need to extract a 3-minute clip from it.
any help/tips much appreciated.

If it is protection, you can try a program called AnyDVD, which you can find at It has a 21 day trial period, so if this is the only thing you need to rip, you don’t need to buy it. It is for removing protection from dvd’s and protected cd’s.

tried that thanks,but no joy.
weird thing is,i have another cd from same company (another fire one) which uses the same launcher program to view the film,yet you can play the mpeg straight off the cd,edit it etc.
ps think we’re just going to have to project it tomorrow,and capture it via camcorder,not pretty but it’ll have to do

Have you tried extracting the MPEG file from the disc using UltraISO? That is normally a robust way of getting MPEG files from bad discs.

didnt get a chance to try that due to time constrictions.i used a similar program which didnt manage it (think it was anydvd),so in the end we just projected it and captured it by camcorder,came out alright.

When digital copy methods fail remember they cant encrypt light or sound. Analogue is allways a great fallback, if you can put up with lower quality. :slight_smile:

yep that’s it,it was a fallback plan when digital failed.a few of the other clips were pretty shoddy quality (fire brigade footage from late 90s),so it didnt stand out at all as poor quality.