Can't explore CD/DVD!

I’m not sure what’s going on, but for some reason I cannot open any CDs or DVDs when I load them into my computer. Double-click on the icon in My Computer and nothing happens. Right-click explore and navigate to it, nothing drops down. What’s goin’ on?

NEC 3540a DVD-RW

ExploDer is bugged software.

Remove Virtual Drives and tools like Alcohol and CloneCD/DVD if possible.

Hang on, can I ask if you ever happen to have DVD Decrypter open when this happens? I recently found I had the same problem… it’l like Decrypter takes over and locks drive control out to anything else.

Then it’s not caused by DVDD but the handling scheme in windows.
Just don’t blame DVDD for such crappy windows driver programming and handling. :wink:

Done. Fixed. Thanks chef :slight_smile:

And exactly how did you fix it? :wink: