Can't erase DVD+RW or burn DVD-R on AD-5170A

Model: Optiarc AD-5170A
Firmware: Liggy’s AD-5170A Bitsetting Firmware 1.H1 RPC1
OS: Windows XP SP2
Burning Software Used: CD BurnerXP
Disc Used: Moser Baer DVD+RW and DVD-R

I checked that I can change the BookType, but I don’t quite know how I’m supposed to change it… Is there any setting I should change that will enable me to burn DVD-R and erase DVD+RW?? I’m not too sure if there is a DVD-RW, but I haven’t tried…

Booktype can be changed only for +R/+RW media, but for some reason on rewritable discs there is no way to predict if it will work or not. Changing booktype on +RW discs is often failing (I have no idea why).

To exclude a software issue, however, try to do a full erase of rewritable discs with ImgBurn :slight_smile:

i’ve done that before… but doesn’t seem to work… :frowning: any heads up on the DVD-R writing issue??

can someone please help?!?!
I really want to get to write and erase rewritable discs and write to DVD-R cuz being so specific make these shopkeepers angry… And its annoying to go around looking for a DVD+R specifically… Any firmware changes than can be suggested?? Liggy,Dee or anyone for that matter, please help!!

First get better RW media, eg. from Ricoh and Verbatim.

Then use Imgburn and try.

ok… and what about the DVD-R problem?? i get some devPowerCalibrationError with CD BurnerXP

This error most of times is caused by a low quality disc, because the burner is not able to write it even after a lot of attempts.

A better disc like a Verbatim should solve :slight_smile:

hmm… Won’t moser baer or Sony suffice??

Some batches media have a so low quality that the drive is not able to write them at all, causing continuous failing (and coasters :doh:).

It is rather difficult (even if, too bad, still possible) that you can get a bad batch of Verbatim discs. So, using Verbatim media you are safe in most of cases :slight_smile:

but, I mean I’ve tried DVD-R’s over a year, surely they would’ve rectified their problems right… Sorry if I’m going at this over and over again, I want to make sure that nothings wrong with my drive…

Most of times the culprit is the disc, not the drive. No drive can transform a bad disc into a good one.

The drive seems fine based on what you are referring :slight_smile:

hmmm… alright, so I oughta give Verbatim a swing then… The only downside is that Verbatim ain’t available with that ease in India… :frowning:

that’s weird… India is one of the main producers of Verbatim discs :eek:

ok now that makes me feel weird… So what now?? I’ll pick up the usual DVD+R’s tomorrow and then 1 of Verbatim DVD-R… Hopefully it’ll work… Keeping my fingers crossed… :slight_smile: