Cant erase disc

okay i dont know if its cause of the upgrade but i just upgraded the firmware of my 851S to 832 with the VSOA and i cant seem to erase a dvd-rw. can someone help me and if its the upgrade how do i go back to 851S?

You can try flashing back to GS0K (no special procedure needed… just download unscrambled binary from dhc014’s site and flash) and see if that does anything.

I’d be interested in seeing 851S GS0K vs. 851S@812S US0N…

I’ve never tried -RW, though my 451S@832S VS0A doesn’t seem to have problems with +RW (I used it every day to shuttle information between my computers). But results may vary, which is why I’d be curious to see if you get this problem with US0N (aka, GSC2) (just as @832S, you need a special US0N fw for @812S, which can be found on our fw page).

okay so what do i need??? GS0K???

Look under the LDW-851S list. There, you will find both GS0K and a copy of US0N modified for use on the 851S.

and which one do i actually download?

There are a lot of junk -RW disc out there which once written at 1X or 2X turn out to be write once media, in other words they can’t be erased. I have had limited experience with these disc in earlier days, mostly with friends trying to get help in erasing them, but now I try to stay away from them. I know this doesn’t help much, but it might serve to put some on notice.

k i got what the problem was. when i loaded up omni patcher i asked king how do i make my -rw make go 4x burning. he told me so i checked that media type. i loaded the firware updated ran great. tried erasing that -rw but it was erasin at 4x. so i went back edited the old one just unchecke the media -rw at 4x and only made it go 2x (original) now it erased the disc and seems fine. guess -rw media cant go 4x yet. what about +rw?? any better?

What do you mean? There is only 1 GS0K firmware on that page for download. And there is only 1 US0N firmware labeled as being for the 851S available for download!

Download them both and try them both and see which one of those two (or both) work!!

Oh. Well, that’s the problem. RW overspeeding is NOT recommended!! RW media is completely different from R media and overspeeding generally does not work. Overspeeding -RW isn’t too bad. But overspeeding +RW can very well ruin the disc. If you want faster RW, buy faster discs.

thing is i did overspeed a -rw not a +rw. and also how can i change the book type of a dvd+r somehow its set to dvd-rom. and now the dvd+r is useless.

While -RW overspeeding generally doesn’t ruin a disc, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a bad idea and that in most cases, it won’t work.

You can’t change a booktype of a +R that has already been burned! Why is it useless? -ROM on a +R disc makes it more useful.

Or did you mean +RW? In that case, use VS0A or US0Q and then use the latest KProbe 2.2.3’s booktype utility. That lets you change the booktype of a +RW disc without having to erase it (the “Write” button).

well i ran scans with kbobe and now that dvd+r is useless and why does it make it more useful if it says -ROM?