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Hi, I recently decided to copy my disc 1 of Worms 3D because it was becoming scratched. WIht out realizing it I burn’t it to a CD-RW disc. The burning process failed and now im stuck with a half complete disc. Oh yeah, did I mention they’re read-only files. AHHHHH!! I’ve tried erasing the disc with easy cd creator, WINDOWS XP’s default CD-RW eraser, and just deleting the files.


Sometimes CDRW’s can get overused and corrupted. Guess it’s time for silicon heaven for mr CD if you can’t use any other burning app to erase the disc.

Try using CloneCD making sure to start the app with the cdrw in the open drive so that ccd can take control and close the tray itself.

Thank you for your help. I have solved this issue.