Can't erase CD-RW



hello, i’ve just bought a Liteon 52X24X52, I’m running on Windows98SE, the writing was fine on both CD-r and CD-RW until when i was trying to erase a memorex CD-RW, it won’t erase, i’ve tried it thrice ( 3 different memorex CD-RW) but i wouldn’t work, please help. i’m using Nero thanks.


Try erasing with blindwrite. It’s quite powerful and quick


try updating nero.


to me I just re-format the disc with Discjuggler, works every time.


Best way to erase a Memorex RW disc is with a blowtorch… :bigsmile:


My computer wouldn’t erase not one CDRW but only the DVDRW. Then bought one CDRw that was 1-4x speed and it worked perfectly!!! It seems it was the speed of the Cd. I use only low 1- 4x speed and not the high ones!!