Can't encode to DivX

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I have a problem ripping a DVD that I have. The DVD is Basic Instinct and I am using EasyDivx version 0.82 to rip it. The format that I am ripping it is in 16:9 and I am accomodating it using the 2 CD option in EasyDivx (700 Mb Cd’s). The audio that i am encoding in is AC3. The program rips the .vob files to the hard drive and also the audio file is encoded. But when it goes to the multiplexing part, it just does’nt complete.It just stays there. The predicted file size is shown as 1300 MB and it reaches 554MB and just sits there. I have an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ with 256MB DDR SDRAM and a 20 gig Seagate Barracuda Ulta ATA 3. The free disk space that I have for the movie to be encoded is about 10GB. However, the movie is not encoded at all. I am using DivX Pro 5.02. The .vob files are ripped to the hard drive and so is the AC3 audio stream file. However, no DivX. I have left the comp on overnite (more than 12 hours) for the movie to encode. Still no go! Please help.

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Try with a better encoder, like Vidomi.
You can find Vidomi, at: Vidomi

What is Vidomi? Is it an encoder like Easy DivX? Also, regarding the documentation for that program. Is it available on the website?

PS. i did try to encode the movie in EasyDivX using the lowest possible specs. Like accomodate on one 700MB cd and Mp3 audio 128kbit. The movie did get encoded, however, when I checked it out in BSPlayer and also in Windows Media Player, the sound seemed to be ahead than the picture. The movie lagged. I read the forums here and have noticed that people using the Divx 5.02 codec are facing this issue. So is the codec that is to be blamed here. Also, what would be the best software to encode a DVD movie into Divx with AC3 audio. Please advise as I am completely new to this.

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Yes Vidomi is encoder to making high quality DivX. Just follow the link and you´ll find any answer about it!


I was there and i have been looking and I see that Vidomi encodes the audio using the Lame encoder and encodes it to a mp3 format. Is there any plugin or stting available to make the audio stream AC3 as provided in the option in easyDivx. Also, do you have any information regarding the DivX 5.02 codec. Do you think that is the root cause of the issue.
Thanks for the information.

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Vidomi supports up to 4 channels of audio in the destination video file.
Take a look over here: Documentation

About DivX just change followings:
Variable bitrate mode - 2pass, first pass
Bitrate from 780kbps to 1200 or 1800 kbps
Use GMC yes
Use Bitrectional Encoding yes

Thx for the information. I will try this resolution that you have provided and see if this helps. If I have any further issues, i will get back to this forum for more troubleshooting and information.


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