Can't enable DMA

Hi I Have Uninstalled The Driver For My Primary Ide Channel And Reinstalled It … I Have A Pioneer 111d Hooked To Master And No Slave Drive … Do I Have To Update Busmaster Driver For My Chipset On My Mother Board … Don’t Know What To Do From Here

Sometimes I go into Device Manager and first delete all the devices on the IDE channels, then delete the IDE controller itself and let Windows re-discover the devices on reboot. After another reboot or two, they usually seem to work fine.

However, if that doesn’t quite do it, I usually install the entire set of motherboard chipset drivers (real easy with Via) and then reboot and it usually works.

Sometimes I make sure I have the devices connected to a new IDE cable, just to be sure. I will first usually try a 40 pin 80 conductor cable, then a 40 pin 40 conductor cable.

If nothing else works, well, I pout. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope some of that helps.

BTW, the drive jumper is set to MASTER, right? On some systems, when the drive is the only item on the chain, setting it to CABLE SELECT may help, others - maybe not.

Good luck.

Also you could try removing the burner in bios, reboot(so no burner), then restart, enter bios, add burner, and reboot. Is your HD(s) SATA? Not real familiar with SATA, but generally the burner typically goes on secondary ide channel(master)…, and HD on primary ide channel. Both support master/slave if applicable

Not much to add to BeardedKirklander’s and larry’s good advice…a couple of times when deleting off device manager failed for me (both IDE and CD/DVD ROM); I actually uninstalled and unplugged the optical drives, rebooted and powered down. Then I replugged the drives and powered up and let xp reinstall the drives…all was well.

Good luck.