Can't Duplicate ES20 Generated Copy of TV Program



I just bought the DMR-ES20S DVD recorder & recorded my daughter on a TV show (America’s Next Top Model) using Imation 8x DVD-R media.

The recorded DVD works fine on the ES20S and also on our Panasonic 5-disk DVD player. When playing back the DVD-R on my Mac computer, it hangs/freezes at about 3 minutes into playback (until then audio/video are great).

I burned a copy of the original recording using Toast 6.0 & Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R media. The copy hangs/freezes during playback at the same place on the computer AND now on both the DVD recorder & player mentioned above (where the original works fine).

I’ve made many DVD back-up copies of my DVD collection for safekeeping so I know that my burner/computer are working fine.

Help me please. Thanks


I am having kinda the same problem. When recorded a TV show with a +R disc it will not even play in my PC. I can not make a copy of this disc as well. I keep getting a path err. and some other err. I use Clone DVD, and even tried it in DVD shrink, no go. Playes fine in the ES20 .Any help would be great.