Can't drag *.wav file into Burrrn

Hi again!

This message is a continuation of the thread in the Newbie Forum: “Change Song Order in Nero 7 Express”

I installed Burrrn this morning, and immediately ran into a problem:

The first *.wav file I tried to drag or add to the Burrrn window just wouldn’t budge. So I I tried a number of other files from the same folder, and they all copied over into the Burrrn window just fine.

So, why do you suppose that this particular file won’t transfer in Burrrn?

I’ve Googled for a Burrrn help forum but so far haven’t been able to track one down. Do you know of one?

How about a Burrrn tutorial?

OK, it’s nap time for this old duffer.

It just occurred to me to fire up Nero 7 to see if I would be able to drag that recalcitrant *.wav file that Burrrn wouldn’t accept.

Nero 7 accepted it without a hitch. (Well, not exactly; It [I]did[/I] pause to “analyze” the file before accepting it. So maybe there is something funny about it).

it looks like I may have to go back to Nero and manually rename each track with a track number to get the songs in the proper order. Argh!

Still, I’d be grateful for ideas on troubleshooting the problem with Burrrn. I’d much prefer using Burrrn instead of that bloated old Nero.

Can you play this troublesome wav track??..Compare the good wavs with the bad one…How did you create this particular wav??..AFAIK there is no actual tutorial for burrrn…
It really is that easy(most if not all the time)…Are you getting any errors when you import it?..

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2563452]Can you play this troublesome wav track??..[/QUOTE]

Hi again, t0nee1. Thanks for helping me with this.

Yes, the track plays beautifully in VLC.

Compare the good wavs with the bad one…

What would I look for as the points of comparison? Is there some kind of tool that I need to compare files?

How did you create this particular wav??..

Aha! You’ve hit on the key difference between this file and all my other WAV files. This is the only one I didn’t create myself. It was created for me by a friend who has one of those turntables that turn your vinyl recordings into digital files.

So it could be something peculiar to that turntable.

AFAIK there is no actual tutorial for burrrn…
It really is that easy(most if not all the time)…Are you getting any errors when you import it?..

No; no error message; no nothing. The file just doesn’t appear in the Burrrn list when I let go of the mouse button after dragging it over to Burrrn…

I’ve got an idea. Since Nero didn’t reject the file, I think I’ll go ahead use Nero to try to burn it to a CD-R.

And then use EAC to try to rip it from the CD-R back to a WAV file, and then see if Burrrn will accept the new wave file produced by EAC.

What do you think of that plan?

Well if you’re gonna use Nero to burn it, just burn all the tracks, why don’t you!..What we want to find out is what the heck is wrong with that wav track, that’s causing burrn not to accept it…
Medainfo will show the specs, so you can compare with the others…Maybe some tag issue or something…Anyhow download this great tool and see…

Thanks for that link to media info, t0nee1.

But I don’t think I’ll need to use it, at least not right now.

I think I may have solved the problem.

I downloaded a file converter and converted the troublesome file from WAV to FLAC. Then I tried dragging the FLAC file into Burrrn.

Guess what?

It worked!

Then I converted the file back to WAV. And dragged it into Burrrn without a hitch.

Well, there was one hitch: The converter I downloaded turned out to be crippled, so it only converted 60% of the file each time (I guess I should read the fine print before downloading software, eh?).

So, now all I have to do is find a free file converter and I think my worries are over. Can you recommend one?

This problem has kept me up way past my bedtime tonight, so I’ve got to shut down this computer and go to bed, or I’ll collapse from exhaustion.

But first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to scare up a converter program (I’m sure I’ve got one on one of my three hand-me-down computers somewhere; I’ve just got to find it), and then test my hypothesis.

Thanks for sticking with me on this. I really appreciate it!

There are several apps/tools that’ll convert from wav><flac…I normally use foobar2k but it’s also an audio media player…There is xrecode2(free) which is a very good tool that converts to several formats…Just drag n drop your wav and convert to flac, mp3, etc…Just wait for the counter…If you register it the counter supposedly goes away but then you purchase… I just wait for the counter and it works great for free…
There is a portable version, which I use btw, if you prefer not installing the full version…If you have the latest Audacity it will also convert to flac…Good luck!
Lamexp is also very easy to use via drag n drop

As t0nee1 posted check the .wav file with mediainfo tool.
It might be something as simple as the sample rate is 48000 instead of 44100.
That would still require a conversion .
You can convert a .wav file to a .wav file if you like.
This would probably correct the problem & maybe have the lowest quality loss.

dbPowerAmp has a trial & it’s good.
I think it has limited function after the trial.
I use an older freeware version & it works well for many conversions.

Finally Format Factory it will do many conversion & is a handy tool .
I can’t say it always produces a high qualitty conversion .

Just a FYI, with dBpoweramp the conversion to flac still works after the trial ends…You do lose some of the features e.g. mp3(lame) conversion, tag medadata, etc…

Hey t0nee1!

Thanks a million for all the help!

I dug around on my computers and found an old program called Format Factory. I used it to convert the problem WAV file to a FLAC file. But was disappointed to find that I was unable to drag the FLAC file into Burrrn.

But, “never say die!” So I used Format Factory a second time to convert that newly created FLAC file back to WAV format.

And guess what!?

Yup! You got it! “The Eagle has landed!” as they say. That new WAV file plopped itself down into the Burrrn track list, big as you please! I’m not out of the woods yet, though, because I still have to try burning a CD from this new file. But we’ve made it over a major hurdle, so I’m feeling pretty good about this.

BTW, I think I should invest in a set of CD-RW discs to use for test burns. I thought I had some around here someplace but can’t find any, so I’m going to up my pain meds and head out today to try to find a store that sells them. I’ll probably just buy a small quantity of whatever brand they have on the shelf. But I’d like to buy a larger quantity of good quality CD-RWs to have on hand. I think heard that CD-RWs can be more problem prone than ordinary CD-Rs. Can you recommend a brand that’s got a reputation for reliability? Or have you, like most everyone else these days, left CDs in the past along with LPs, cassettes and 8-track tapes?

Oh yeah, and thanks again! I’ve become pretty isolated due to the limitations imposed on me by chronic illness, so I’ve come to rely more and more on my hand-me-down computers connected to the internet via my free dial-up ISP as my primary connection to the outside world. So I’m grateful to know that there are folks out there like you who are so generous with their time and expertise. I’m in your debt.

Thanks t0nee1 , I actually have a expired trial version on my computer too.
It has a newer version of the CD ripper .At least I think it does. It doesn’t have the Help About to verify. I think I rember that it is from when I downloaded it.
My older Release 10.1 has codecs added & will convert to many formats .
The plus is it’s also portable.

Just for informational purposes you can also use VLC to convert audio formats.

Now you tell me!

I downloaded xredcode2 and ended up with a file named: xrecode2_portable_build_1.

But Windows XP doesn’t know what to do with it.

BTW, I used Format Factory to convert the bad file from WAV to WAV and the converted file draggted and dropped into Burrrn. Thanks for that suggestion.

If you want to open the .7z file you need to download 7zip:
This is freeware & will extract many types of compressed archive files.
I wouldn’t be without it.
I bet it converted .wav to .wav pretty quick to.
Probably all it did was correct some minor fault in your original .wav file.