Can't drag & drop on DVR108

I’m having trouble using my 108 when trying to drag and drop files onto a blank DVD it seems to restrict this to CDs only and yet if I use Nero to back up the same files no problem. Is this normal. It also restricts me exporting a play list im Windows media playia to CDs only. I have not flashed or altered any of the 108 software but have upgraded “InCD” to the latest version. any help appreciated.

If you are using InCD to drag and drop have you disabled windows cd burning for your drive?

initially no but tried this a few minutes ago using XP tweak and it didn’t seem to help. Do you think I should remove InCD?

Windows has no in-built support for drag/drop to dvd or native support for burning to dvd. use nero.

OK Thanks I guess I am expecting too much of the technology at this stage. Appreciate the feed back