Can't download with Utorrent new setup



I have used Utorrent for over a year and for several months used it with TorrentPrivacy. I was doing just fine until a few days ago I decided to upgrade both softwares. TorrentPrivacy bundles them together now. The problem is I can’t download anything. TorrentPrivacy connects into the their servers, but then Utorrent just sits there with zero. I finaly gave up and downloaded the older software and I got the same zero. I run Windows 7 Pro - 64. Can you guys help me.


Did you try to use utorrent only without that torrentprivacy thing? Moreover, get utorrent directly from the developer site, not from a third part site :wink:


When I first downloaded both programs I downloaded Utorrent first and I downloaded some files without a problem. However, I was not going through TorrentPrivacy. I will uninstall both programs and start the process again.