Cant download Qvideo2 from Benq UK or EU site!

Like the title says…i cant download qvideo2 from the benq uk or eu sites. sometimes the download starts and then i get the msg "site disconnected us at the begning’ and then when i retry the download it asks for a username n password!

Can any1 help me with this!


Hi :slight_smile:
Try this.

^^the same thing happens!!

Hi :slight_smile:
Here’s another link, different site. QVideo2

damm same thing!!!

try here:

What are you using to download it? I have problems at times using the download thing inbuilt with my browser, so I use a third party download prog called flashget and it has never failed me yet, even when my browsers download thing does.

Thanks a lot guys!! finally downloaded n installed qvideo!!

@Daemonicus : ur link worked!! thanks a million!

Wow, 50 Megs. Can anyone who used it tell me what it has? Is it worth the download time? Will it only work with my BenQ?


It’s WinDVR in BenQ clothing. I used it to record from my WinTV/Radio card.
It works but it’s not exactly state of the art. A BenQ drive is required with retail firmware.

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