Can't download anything from VSO site?!

Hi there.
I can’t download anything from the VSO site. It just keeps telling me there’s errors on the page and when i click the download link nothing happends. Anyone know what’s causing this?

Well you didn’t tell us which site you’re looking at, but try this one.

I cant download any version of Blindwrite.
The download links on all point to:

Whats goin on?

No problems here.

CopyToDVD3 and BlindWrite 5 all working.

Still not working here. Want to dl the old 4.57 and the link points to
Tried refreshing and reloading 100 times…

See here:

I solved part of the problem. It was the Popup Blocking. But now that this is solved the link for the old version produces a 404 error in the popup window.
The links to the current versions work though.