Cant' determine who i should listen to

I just got off the phone with someone I could barely understand about tech support on my machine. I just decided to finally use my dvd burner and go figure i get an error(E:/ is not accessible…Incorrect function.) when i try and open the drive after ive put in a blank disc.
The drive plays dvds ok. So I called Dell support(dell dimension 8400) and they tell me that my computer does not have a dvd burner when i know very well that when i ordered the computer i payed for the upgrade to have it burn dvds not to mention I had them install a second drive as well specifically for burning dvds. So i did some searching and found this site and someone else who had an issue with the some drive and that person knew that it burned dvds so i need some help from you folks(especially since I dont trust Dell at all). The drive is a:_NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD. If nothing else could someone confirim for me that it will or won’t burn DVD’s and if it won’t who makes a good dvd burner drive thats affordable and at least decent quality for a college student. I appreciate any help!


go to google and search NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD specs you will get your answers

the 3100AD is a DVD+R/+RW and DVD+R DL ONLY it does not support DVD-R/RW.

First thought, did you try opening your DVD Burning software and see if it can burn?

I did a google search is showing others having issues with the drive, so I guess you could try updating the firmware, you could try also using Verbatim DVD+R and DVD-R disks to see if it is media specific, and you could burning a CD also.

Eeek - that blows. :frowning:

He’d be better off with a Lite-On dual format burner like the the 160P6S:

so what i think im gettin here is that link will help me mod my drive and turn it into a a dvd burner?

Nope. What I was saying is for about $30-$35 USD, you can replace that burner with a fully-functional burner. Like this one with free shipping:

Or even this one:

Also with free shipping.

well that doesnt sound like too bad of an idea since all 120 gb of my hardrive are full and im in a pinch to get this info off the drive

You could try a DVD+R disk or even some CD media.

Do you have a DVD/CD burning program installed on your system?

By the way, Windows XP can burn CD’s directly, without an additional app.

i do not have a burn progrma that i know of i was just using xp…i typically use itunes for organizing my media…ya i could use cdr’s but would be much more practical fro the dvdr’s i checked out that link you sent me and just bought that media pack the drive and dvdr’s so we’ll see how that works out…im kinda an r-tard with this stuff…dammit i need to get a new mac :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks again so much,

Have you looked on your START menu to see what programs are installed?

But don’t worry. There are free burning programs out there.

That one is pretty decent. You may want to try it.

If you download and install it it should be able to help you get started.

f__k me i just found this progrma on my cpu called sonic i installed it and it turned out to be a burn program i just burned a dvd (insert expletitive deleted)…especially since i just ordered that damn drive. see theres that r-tard thing goin again rofl

LOL! I’m sorry - just had to chuckle a bit.

That new drive that you ordered is a VERY GOOD drive, and will allow you to use both DVD+ and DVD- media, so you can get whatever is on sale and works best for you.

Thankfully, it’s only around $35 USD, so you are not out too much.

You may want to get a few DVD Rewriteable disks (they can be formatted and reburned over and over) until you get the hang of it. So you can practice and such.

I hope it works out for ya. :slight_smile:

luckily i was able to cancel the order right away so i guess i can mess around with this drive for awhile…i guess this is what i get for stayin up way too late screwin around with this when i should be studying :X. I’m sure I’ll be back up here again when I start trying to convert avi’s into a dvd playable format since that already doesnt work LOL. Looks like I have a lot to learn and looks like you might have a consistent source of chuckling until I figure this all out :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks times 10 or somethin like that,

The ND 3100 can easily be converted to the ND 3500 which with the latest firmware is a very capable burner, reckoned by many to be one of the best that NEC ever produced.

Look here .