Cant detect 2nd hard drive

Ive just installed a new hard drive as secondary slave its partitioned and formatted in windows2000 and NTFS file system. Fdisk and Norton Ghost wont see the 2nd hard drive but the BIOS gdisk can see it.

So, if i’ve stored an image of my C: drive (hard disk 0) on the 2nd hard drive Ghost cant see it to load an image even if its formatted under FAT32 ghost and fdisk wont see the 2nd drive.


Have you installed the latest service pack for WIndows2000?

How big is the drive? Windows2000 has trouble with large hard disks…you might want to check Microsoft Knowledgebase on this… Had a similar problem with old PC…it involved a SP update and a regedit…very well explained on MS Support…

so your saying your programs isn’t able to locate the drive. well then i wouldn’t highly suggest you try to reinstall the programs and see if it detects it. other than that no idea