Can't Delete UPGDVD Executable From Desktop

I tried downloading a few drivers for my A04 DVD-ROM drive, but just found out that the drive itself is broken. Anyways, I went to clean up my desktop and it won’t let me delete the UPGDVD.exe file. When I try to delete it, it gives the same ol’ bullshit about how it’s being used at the moment. Hopefully one of you guys know how I might be able to delete this off my desktop. I just checked the system processes and there’s nothing running that shouldn’t be, so I guess I’m a little confused. Is there maybe a setting I need to disable? I don’t know. Help me.

Hi and Welcome!

Please try in Safe Mode (:rtfm: See Windows Help for further details) and see if that works.


In SAFE MODE, yes.

This is weird. I booted up in Safe Mode, but when I tried to delete it, it gave me the same error message that it’s in use by another person or program. My DVD-ROM drive isn’t even plugged into the power supply, so I don’t know why it thinks the file is being used.

Hm, that is strange. Please check if you can uninstall the related software using “Add/Remove Programs” in Control Panel. Maybe you’ll have to reinstall the drive in order to do that successfully.


Well, I just bought a new Lightscribe Drive, but the executable still can’t be deleted off my desktop. I don’t see how the old driver would still be installed.

google for a small app called Unlocker. it will give you the option to kill the process that is using that file. works for me every time. good luck

I have the same problem, tried unlocker, safe mode.
Anyone else have any ideas?

Go into the accounts folders and delete the shortcut there.

No probs, I fixed the problem by deleting through DOS.
What accounts folder are you talking about?
and thanks.

Your own account > desktop folder.