Cant delete pictures from a DVD+RW

Hi, I can save pictures to my DVDs but can’t delete them. The discs are re-writable and I can erase them using my wife’s lap top (vista) but the pc (xp) refuses to perform.

Help please. :confused::confused:

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Are you trying to erase (or format) the whole disc, or just individual files from it?

What burning software are you using?

We saved a folder of about 40 photos on the DVD - just to practice - and then tried to erase them all by clicking on the “erase this disc” command.

Sorry, but I’m a complete beginner & don’t know which software I’m using. - how do I find out?

Sounds like he’s using explorer in XP to do it, that wont work. you can use imgburn to erase the entire disc. Not sure about Vista, as I don’t use it.

Yeah , I would also recommend using an designated burn tool to do this task. Nero is what i use.


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My suggestion is to not use at all a rewritable DVD for this. If you need a rewritable medium I suggest to use an USB pendrive. It is safer and no software is needed to write them :bigsmile: