Can't delete my own threads

I wanna delete one thread of mine: it is the first and there are NO replies. When I click “Edit/Delete”, then mark “Delete?” and click “Delete Now”, the forum tells me I’m not allowed to do that. Why ? I think the thread starter should be allowed to do it: after all, it is his own thread :wink:

I believe the time limit is about 10 minutes for editing. Dunno if you have the same rights for deleting though.

Users are not allowed to delete their own threads, this is a limitation set by the senior admins.

If you want your thread deleted, I would suggest that edit it blank (or leave message “Please delete”) and PM the moderator of the forum…

But then again, who am I? :wink:

The reason for it is because this does not allow users to remove ‘evidence’. If someone gets annoyed with the replies he or she gets we feel that it should be up to us if these are truly annoying posts or posts that could be helpfull to others as well. Also it would be possible to delete a thread to ‘win’ a discussion, all this is avoided this way, the only downside is that you will need to get in touch with a moderator to have your threads deteled, you can always edit the content of the post. (Which does not matter to discussions because most things are quoted somewhere else again).