Cant defrag 2n hd with acromis image on it

I created a complete image of my c drive on my 2nd hard drive, which was 20 meg with acronis true imag 8.0. When I try to defrag my 2nd where my image is located with windows xp defrag, it wont defrag. The defrag program shows one large red area that says fragmented. When start I true image 8 after trying to defrag 2nd hard drive the program just freezes and just keeps saying analyizing partition on 2nd. can i defrag a hard drive with the image on it.

The image file is just that, an image FILE. A single file, a container for everything. Not much you can do with it.


Similar thing happened to me - only to find out that the heads on the hard drive had crashed (Newer Western Digital 120gb JB drive)-

I have always been able to defrag the drive where my Acronis True Image images are stored (now use Diskeeper for defragging)-


I too have numerous Acronis backups on both a second partition of the main drive and an external drive on USB2. I am able to defrag both with the images on them, albeit takes some time, but it does work. I also use Diskeeper to do the defrag, perhaps the built in Defrag of XP is incapable of doing it. Diskeeper is made by Executive Software, it’s the same company that Microsoft uses for it’s defragging, however, MS’s version is nowhere near as effective as the full version of Diskeeper, current version is 9.0.


Defragged with MS defragger for years on drives with Acronis images - no worries-

Diskeeper is hella faster and much more thorough-


you said that your image was 20 megs? is that possible?

I hope he meant 20 GB.