Can't decode "Hitch" with DVD Decrypter or DVD X-Copy

This is the first DVD I have encountered that can’t be decoded with one or the other program! DVD Decrypter is returning the following message:

Interpretation: Read (10) - Sector: 246816
Interpretation: No Seek Complete

This is a Sony picture. Is that the problem, and if so, is there a fix?

Many thanks!


The latest version of Anydvd. Apparently Hitch has caused lots of problems.

Or of DVD Decrypter, unless you’re in Region 2 in which case yeah AnYDVD.

Thanks, guys! My version of DVD Decrypter is, and when I started it, I got a message that the newer version is available, and a link to the website–but I got the message that “This page cannot be displayed.” I seem to remember that the site got shut down, so where can I get the later version

I don’t know the different Regions, but I think I am in Region 1–that’s the US and Canada, isn’t it? I wouldn’t mind trying AnyDVD and CloneDVD and CloneCD. I have heard good things about them, but I would also like to have the latest version of DVD Decrypter. Let me know if there is somewhere to download it.

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try this for latest dvddecrypter

Thanks! I found it, downloaded it, and ripped “Hitch.” Now I don’t know what to do with it! I think I need to use DVD Shrink to compress it, then download “Nero” to burn it. I haven’t done any of this in the past–just used DVD X-Copy to rip and burn. Not the best quality copies, but sufficient for my limited purposes. :slight_smile: At least I got it ripped–I will read some of the guides and tutorials to learn what to do next.

Thanks again!


Hitch used Sonys ARccOS protection that from what i understand used weak or errors to create the copy.

As for burning, I personally Use ANYDVD ( ) to decrypt and whatever you want to burn. It decrypts on the fly as opposed to dvd decrypter.


Not certain if you’re still having problems with DVDDecrypter when attempting backup of “Hitch”, or even care but…

I’m running a Sony Vaio GRS laptop 2.2 Ghz P4M / 1024 mg ram. For DVD movie backup I use DVDDecrypter 3.5.4 and DVDShrink with 99.9% success. Only two movies I’ve encountered I could not backup with the program settings at installation default. Resident Evill 2 and a documentary call “Outfoxed”. The former I imported DVD Decrypter specific settings to ignore read errors. The latter I was never able to backup.

“Hitch” copied perfectly first time out. I can only suggest a couple of things for you to try off the bat here. Some obvious others not so.

Be certain your Drive’s firmware is up to date.
Also look on the web for a file called aspi_471a2.exe. It’s the aspi update that dvddecrypter uses to function optimally.
Be certain your optical lense and disc are clean.

Beyand that look me up at Gntlmnwnedge@YH-dot-com and I’ll try to help more.