Can't decide between benq or lg dvd burner

I’m buying my first dvd burner, and right now I’m torn between lg 4163 and benq 1620. I will be using the drive with an external enclosure, is either one a better choice for reliable burning when used with an enclosure? I would also be using the drives to rip and burn dvd’s movies. which one is better for this task? thanks for any help.

With a question like that you are asking for ill advice. Everyone has a personal preference based on their own experience and willingly give their bias opinions. You’re best bet is to read some reviews but both drives will do fine. Don’t forget the NEC 3520A, cheap and good at burning but not reading. Most good burners are slow rippers so sometimes people get two drives. If I had to chose one I would go with the NEC because it will PI/PIF error testing shortly. You might want to wait for Benq’s new Lightscribe drive if you are in to that.

i got the same question dude, i already have a lite on 1633s but im not satisfied with the burn quality of my lite on so im goona buy another burner and no, no nec cuz nobody in my country have brought nec, so no nec for me =/ , so im deciding between a LG 4160 (no 4163 cuz there is no 4163 here =/ ) and BenQ 1620 ($10 cheaper)

and i read in a review about the benq and it was regular burner and the lg was reviewed with editors choice but in here cdfreaks, both burners were reviewed with editors choice so im really confused =/

I would say the LG GSA-4163B.
But everyone has his own opinion.
They’re both good drives, but the LG is pretty fast (check out the LG forum).

@Xzero17, where do you live? he Lg GSA-4163B should be available everywhere by now.