Can't D/L FW For 111D



I am trying to get the 8.29 TDB FW for a PIO 111D but can’t seem to find it. Every link that I have found is either dead or takes me somewhere else. Could someone please direct me to this FW.



Try here:


I’ve tried that one, specifically the “8.29 INT (Buffalo-Internal)” one, and it takes me to a page that says;
"Offsite linking is not allowed. Shame on you to try and steel our bandwidth.
Download from the original page:

The firmware page
The firmware forum"

I then go into “The Firmware Page”, then go to the Pioneer 111D and try a link there for the 8.29 Int. and it takes me to a page for Buffalo in Japanese?

I’m lost.



Works for me using FF.


try going to the main site first and then finding your drive.


I got it, my firewall program was redirecting me for some reason.
One other question, can I go directly from the Pioneer firmware v1.23 to TDB 8.29? And once i’m at 8.29 do I need to set the bitsetting to DVD-ROM, or is it automatically set?



No, if you are changing to a different OEM version you must use the kernel flasher version first.

Brother Vlad