Can't create virtual drives!

When I open up Alcohol 120% I click on virtual drive I put that i want one virtual drive when I click okay it starts to apply the settings then nothing happens. It just says that I have my one physical drive. But when I put that I want say, 4 virtual drives then while it’s applying I get a notice in my task bar saying that New Hardware detected:
SCIVAX DVD/CD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device, and then it says that my hardware has been installed and ready to use. When I go to my computer I have a local disk drive (g:) and it has a question mark in the icon and when i double click on it says that drive (g:) refers to a location that unavailable. When I look inside alcohol it stills shows no virtual drives. I have uninstalled and re-installed multiple times. But even using daemon tools doesn’t work because the drives don’t show up in My Computer at all.
Any Idea’s??
Lately I have had to find and keep track of all my discs because I can’t just use my iso’s :frowning: