Can't create non-multisession DVD w/Nero 6

I am trying to burn a Data DVD using Nero and a Pioneer 106 drive w/ latest firmware 1.07. The pioneer is in an external enclosure connected via USB 2.0. I’m running Windows XP SP1
and using Optodisc DVD-R 4x media.

The size of the image I’m burning is over 4 Gig. If I try to NOT
write a Multisession disc, it always fails - either while writing the
lead out, or the burns looks OK until Nero goes to verify the
data - disc is empty.

If I burn the image as multisession, it works fine - but I can’t seem
to read the disc in my Windows XP (no service pack installed)
computer - only the computers with SP1.

Can anyone help with my confusion? What is different between
multisession disks and non-multisession that would cause burning
to work for one and not the other…and affect readability under
WinXP without SP1?


I have a similar problem. I´m using the Sony DRX-500UL with USB2.0 on WinXP. I can burn any data with TrackAtOnce. But Disc at Once fails, also with other burning software as CDRWin or CDMate. They all report SCSI/ASPI-Errors.