Can't create image file in studio 7se, it shuts down

I have been having this problem with video studio 7se since I bought it (it came bundled with dvd express by ADS.While trying to burning a vcd or dvd I get the message “studio 7 has encountered a problem and needs to shut down {send-don’t send”} I was told to try to make an image file and see if it would get through that step, but I get the same results. I think that means it’s not the burner portion. I usually can make it through a short project, like 5-10 minutes, but the last one that quit was 34 min. I have eleminater all start up programs and screen saver, thinking it may be somthing running in the backgroud. I have a 1.2 gig processor and 512 m ram and 40 gig hd. Any suggestions will be appreciated.