Cant copy

Help !!
can anyone advise me why , when I try to copy a dvd using Nero it keeps saying that it cant find the blank media , that i have inserted to write to.?
Tried diff media , but it just ejects it and says " please insert blank media to write to "???

Do you have the correct drive asigned as the burn drive and try clicking on the disc info (in the bottom right hand corner when you select burn) this will tell you what media you have inserted in that drive.

Yes, I do.
Nero keeps ejecting saying (insert blank media)
Alcohol 120% doesnt recognise one media , and on the other says there is not enough space to write !!!
Its a blank 4.7 gb disc
Is it poss that the disc are copy protected??, so this is why it cant fit/ dont recognise blank media

thanks Dave:confused:

How much info are you trying to write to the dvd drive as even though they are 4.7GB they will only fit about 4.4GB on one also what exactly are you trying to do.
I mean what dvd are you trying to back up please be as specific as possible, when does the error occur what dvd are you backing up etc etc etc.
Also are you sure that the dvd you are trying to copy is not a DVD-9 ie dual layered dvd open it with windows and see how much space is taken up by the dvd if its more than 4.4GB then you will need to rip and shrink the dvd.
Hope this helps.

Hi johnboywalton,
Yes the dvd im trying to copy is about 7.5gb, ive sinced looked at a few and there all over 4.4gb
Does this mean 2 discs for all copys !! (surely not), or can they be “compressed” to fit onto 1 disc (prhaps tmpeg ?)
Thanks for your help

Yep that will be your problem.
This is what i do in these circumstances;

  1. Rip the DVD with DVDDecrypter
  2. Shink with DVDShrink.
  3. Burn with Nero.

In the short and sweet version if you need more help just ask and i will try to help.
DVD Shrink

thanks for info.
I encoded using shrink, but ,how do you burn it (vob files)Is there any other programmes that are more user friendly for thick people like me !!
I want to use roxio if poss, but not sure what part of programme to use.
Do you neeed to rip using decrypter or does shrink do it

Guide to dvd shrink
This should help you as it has plenty of pics to help with settings and what to do.
Just a hint if you have nero pre-installed before running dvd shrink it will burn the file for you when it has finished shrinking the dvd. I have always used nero and cdrwin so I’m afraid i can’t help you with roxio but others on this forum will.
Also here is a site if you don’t know about it yet that has loads of tutorials to do just about anything with a dvd burner for beginner and expert.
dvd-r help site
If you need more info just ask.