Cant copy "the departed"



hello everybody, i have the same problem to copy “syriana” check url without anydvd i can see all movie, but if anydvd( is open the movie cant play correctly, anybody help me? thank you very much :slight_smile: . i try again syriana and the same problem with the new version of anydvd.


With AnyDVD running use Windows to copy the Video_TS folder to a file on your hard drive.
Now run it from there with your software DVD player.
Does it run correctly ?


i copy to the hard drive, them i play the movie, correctly for 1 hour 14 minuts 12 seconds, the same error, without anydvd the dvd plays correctly. the same protection that have syriana. both region 4 because i live in Panama(central america) maybe use other protection i dont know. if anybody know please help me, thanks a lot.


Do you have the Remove annoying adverts and trailers option checked in AnyDVD? Look on the Video DVD tab in the AnyDVD window to verify that this option is turned OFF meaning unchecked.


the options are unchecked. :slight_smile:


Can you post an AnyDVD status window from one of these discs that don’t play back?


enter here anydvd status


Fascinating. You really shouldn’t be having any trouble with that disc at all. Have you tried enabling safe mode at all in the AnyDVD settings? I’m just grasping at straws but it’s worth a shot.


the same problem :(. maybe is other protection for region 4. the same problem of syriana :S


This particular disc you have posted was no problem for anyone using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. What copy program are you using? This may have nothing to do with your AnyDVD.


i used clonedvd2 and anydvd, i think the problem is the region of the dvd, because is region 4. other protection? i only have that problem with syriana and the departed.


But the AnyDVD status window you posted didn’t show anything special for copy protection. So, I doubt it’s that. Do you have any custom (non-microsoft, iow) ide drivers installed? That’s always a good possibility for these kinds of issues.


Is it just those 2 movies, Syriana and The Departed,?
Those are both Warner Bros. movies for area 4, the press could just have been badly done.
Did all your other movies copy with no trouble?
Have you had trouble with Warner Bros. movies before?


the win driver i dont now :rolleyes: ,maybe there will be others warner movies with same protection… i have some warner movies and all copy excelent.


today i copy the movie… from dvd home player to burner machine. =) without extras, idioms, only the movie hehe.