Can't Copy Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles

I’m running the latest versions of both AnyDVD and Clone DVD and finally found the first disc I can’t back-up. Trying to make backups of Teen-age Mutant Nija turtles gives and IFOPropreties 6 error. The disc has the widescreen version on one side and the standard version on the other. Both sised give the same error. The disc plays fine in my DVD player and also in the computer. This iis a 3 volume set , volumes 2 and 3 work and backup fine Any Ideas??

Please provide the specific versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD you are using (ex. AnyDVD Also, please provide AnyDVD’s status output for at least one side of the DVD.

  1. Place the DVD in the drive
  2. Wait for the Fox icon in your taskbar to turn dark red.
  3. Click Fox icon and copy text in Status tab.

Also, check this forum post in the future [] . If you provide all the information asked you are much more likely to get helpful responses.

IFOproperties 6:
a) Wait for the next CloneDVD version or
b) use the AnyDVD ripper to copy the files to harddisk. Use CloneDVD from the files on harddisk