Can't copy superbad

I tried numerous times to do this movie with no success. First time it read it find and started to decript. Then about 75% into it came back with a read error, and ask if to enable pathfinder. I tried using it, and it comes back with reading errors before I can decript. Any help would be greatful.

I backed up my copy with DL DVD with no problems, could be something your doing.

I used these settings and had no problem with this movie
[B]My DVDFAB Platinum Settings Which Work Great For Me[/B]

[B]I/O Mode: Auto[/B]
[B]Check: Ask Retry/Ignore/Abort When Reading Error[/B]
[B]Retry: 5 Times[/B]
[B]Skip Sectors After Reading Error: 32[/B]
[B]Cache Control: Check Enable Read Ahead[/B]
[B]Write: Burning Engine VSO[/B]
[B]Write Speed: 4X or 8X ( I use Verbatim 16X +R media writing at 8X or 12X)[/B]
[B]DVD Writeable Media: DVD-5 Size 4472 ( less compression )[/B]
[B]Write Type: SAO[/B]
[B]Check Booktype To DVD-ROM ( only for DVD+R/RW Media )[/B]
[B]Check Everything[/B]
[B]Path Player[/B]
[B]Enable Path Player when necessary[/B]

I wasted a couple discs trying to copy this movie as well. I first did a normal customize copy(default settings) which seemed to read and write the movie fine(no errors), but once completed the disc was unreadable when I tried to play it. I tried again using just the main movie option and the same thing occurred. I checked this forum and adjusted my settings to the the post above and used customize copy and it worked fine doing this. I also enabled the pathplayer option.

awesome stevied123, glad it worked for you. my settings are the same except retry 3 times and always enable pathplayer.

i as well did superbad to dvd5 using main movie.:bow: