Cant Copy Spanglish

Spanglish is giving me the same problem that many people got for The Grudge, with the invalid file size error message. Any way around this?

I just picked up a Brand New in the box disc. I used DVD decryptor to rip it to my hard drive - no problems OTHER than the fact that it took about 3 times longer than “normal”. Then the usual shrink (I used Nero Recode) just on the movie portion and a nice burn onto DVD5.

I agree with ElliotW. You will have no problems burning Spanglish with DVD Decrypter or Shrink other than the fact that it will take about 2 hours to copy and burn. The result however is amazing and it is an exact duplicate of the original.

I used the latest version of DVDecrypter to rip to the HD. Then I used CloneDVD2 to stripped out the trailers and foreign languages. Lastly I used DVDRebuilder to re-encode, not transcode, to DVD5. Worked perfectly on Spanglish.

Update to CloneDVD

A process that worked well on other Sony “protected” dvd’s is:

  1. rip with the latest DVDDeCryptor.
  2. process with DVDShrink in re-author mode, using “set start/end frames” to bypass the empty space inserted in the beginning of the video by DVDDeCryptor.
  3. burn with whatever . . .

Ran into same problem with this film using ConeDVD version - I’ll try one of the alternate processes.

i have said version but it still doesn’t work for me. all the titles show up. but when you click on “next” to go and select audio tracks, the scanning status bar says “scanning…” then the program freezes up. i want to make this program work and show my support to slysoft.

Please try these versions:

I meant to say something about this before, but I didn’t think it was a concern since the Beta works.

I didn’t put the beta on my other machine and using a older version of CloneDVD and AnyDVD, once you get to the audio screen, it would scan up to 68% and just stop or seem to lock(but was not locked). You could click next and goto the following cell and continue.

I tried it with the Beta’s and everything worked fine.

Ok I am trying to follow this. Are you saying for those that want to make a back up copy of Spanglish they will need to upgrade to the current ver. of ANYDVD along with CLONEDVD? and these new ver are for Winxp 64 one would need AMD64 what if you don’t have AMD64 will these problem updates work? and if not how would one make a backup copy of this movie? How would one make a backup if they have O/S WIN98SE??


The beta is not just for 64bit, it works with 64bit. I am using Win2000.

I see that there are some bugs in the new ver. will this be the only way to backup this movie? there will be no more updates to the other vers? I just got my system working well I hate to fool with it right now. You know that saying “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”