Can't copy Soul Reaver PC



I made a succesful copy of Soul Reaver, even installed the game from the copy… but i can’t start the game unless i have the original cd and then can swap with the copy if i feel the need! whats the way around this?!?


Its a bitch to copy!
Need nero or create cd delux
Make sure the CD`s are the same name
Ie orig Soul_reaver
Copy must be Soul_reaver as well
Got game copy world for patch
Copy all files into temp file, Patch and burn


It really depends on what burner you have.

Easiest is to use clonecd, if it works.

CDRWIN or NERO will also copy it.
errors :ignore
Read retry 0
make sure you have it making a disc image.

Ignore illegal TOC
on error, continue reading
write uncorrected, read retry 0/1.


Failing all the above comments u could visit they should have a patch u can download. I had the same problem with Unreal: Tournament. The patch in my case was a replacement ‘UnrealTournament.exe’ with u overwrite on top of the original and this removes the cd check protection. Good Luck.

Ch5 Micky