Can't copy Sniper Elite?



Hey there, long time dvd back-up guy and Sniper Elite finally tanked so I had to get a new one. How can I back up this new copy? It has Starforce 3 protection and I saw a link 2 or 3 years ago saying it could not be done - NO WAY! I am sure their is a way. I did get a trial of Alcohol, it copied it fine, but when it came to the key code, it also tanked! Thoughs!?


Welcome hmedic,

the easiest but also not very comfortable way would be unplug all your optical drives and use the image you dumped with Alcohol in a virtual drive.


And that means what? I have clone dvd and slysoft for dvd’s, it is not going to be that easy is it!? I read in an email form alcohol that zi have to do this on an external drive (dvd) Is that what you are also suggesting. Removing the dvd drive from the computer (literally un screwing it) and hooking up a usb drive, this some way sneakes it by the protection system in the disk?


Depends on the used StarForce version. Do a research using the search function key word [I]starforce[/I].


I have yet to figure out to find a version of the star force and I searched it ans came up with nothing too. So not one sells a software program that will copy these programs. Is my xbox game in the same format?


This is the way to go for DVDs (You can copy StarForce DVDs but you need a special brand of media for every game).
I don’t get the relation between your StarForce problem and your XBox :confused: