Cant copy sims addon packs

:frowning: I have been trying to copy the HOTDATE & house party but with no success. I am using a Plextor PX-32Ts (firmware 1.02) to read the disc. and a Plextor PX-W8220T (firmware 1.04) to write the disk. The disk seems to read OK & write OK, but when I try to install them, hotdate stops at 6% and eventually reports an CRC error. And House party stops around 95% and refuses to go any further. Any help please?

Those disc are Safedisc 2 protected.

What would the best reading & writing settings be?

For reading from an original disc:
Read Speed: 4x
FES on.
FES settings: Read Retries 3, Error Correction: None

Write sttings: AWS on (if nessecary)

you can also try error correction to software (none isn’t recommended)

Cheers guys, your advice was taken and acted upon, lo & behold a working copy appeard :smiley:

let us know if a working copy appears :cool: :cool:

:smiley: I can say now, that after following the advice given on previous msg’s, I have a fully working Hot Date expansion pack. I will now be trying the others. Thanks Guys!