Can't copy securom v4.8 with plex 4012a

Hi, i really need some help please.

I have been trying to backup a game with securom v4.8 protection yet i am not being able to do so with my plex drive. I have used both blindwrite and alcohol 120% and .bwa files.

There are two problems;

1, If i read the image from my plex drive blindwrite will tell me that the image is not good when i verify it. So i had to copy the image with my lg dvd drive and the image was now good on verify

2, When i burn the image with plex (using a downlaoded .bwa file) the result is that i can’t instal game from cd (it just stops installing, yet i get no error messages) and when i test cd with nero scan test i get a lot of read erros and more to that when i do a quality test i get a lot of c2 errors.

Thanks for any help

Assuming you’re doing everything right (which looks to be the case), you can try one more method which is a pain but has worked for me in the past …

Burn one copy without the BWA/MDS/Twin Peaks method and sue that for the install. Burn another copy with that method so that the game will recognize the CD when it’s play time.

Lower your speeds to see if that helps also, better media, etc. ya know, the usual. :wink: