Can't copy safedisc games Midtown Madness



Could somebody please tell me how too copy Microsoft Midtown Madness.

There’s no crack availible on the internet,
If there is a crack availible please let me know


Check out click on “generic safedisc patch” and read on there :slight_smile:


Just make a 1 copy as it is descriped on the site, and then run the generic safedisc patch.
It is memory resident crack

The one and only Mattel007


I have the crack!I’ll email it to you…just install the game then extract the pacth to where the game is installed…you wont need safedisc patch


I had to use Easy CD Creator (imagine that)to get a copy. Tried with Nero but it wouldn’t burn. Got the patch from patchworld and replaced the exe file with that one and there she is, a working game.

Worked for me