Can't copy program CD

I have a program, Printmaster Premier and the program CD ihas a 3/4 inch crack in it extending from the center hole, outward. I have tried to make a back up copy of the CD with Alcohol, Blindwrite, Nero and Easy CD Creator, and all the programs copy the CD file for file, but the CD doesn’t work. After copying it with Alcohol, this was the only copy that actually worked with the auto run when the CD is inserted in the tray, but it still doesn’t work with the program. Does anyone have any idea how I can make a backup copy of the CD that will work I can’t seem to get an help elswehere. Thanks for any help with this unusual problem.

Your best bet will maybe asking the manufacturers for a replacement CD. If you are the registered user then many software suppliers will happily replace discs.
As you have noticed damaged cds are hard/impossible to copy if data is lost behind the crack.

theres also those disc doctors devices that repair scratches provided there not deep. it works by taking off the top layer of the cd, it might help a little if the scratch is deep but i wouldn’t expect miracles. there quite expensive, i suppose the cheaper option would be to get a replacement cd.

Thanks crustyteacup and DaneR for your reply. I actually have copied the disc from the Printmaster CD ROM, using several different programs, such as Easy CD Creator, Nerom Blindwrite and Alcohol, and all the files are on the copy CD, file for file when I comnpare it with the original, but the CD does not work for some reason. I can copy the CD but I am not sure why the CD does not work. The only CD copy that actually started with autorun when it is put in the CD Rom drive is the copy that I made with the Alcohol program, but it doesn’t make the program work. I don’t know if it has an type of copy protection on it and not sure how I can determine that, but the manufacturer, (The Learning Company), does not make this program anymore, so consequently thay can not send me a replacement CD. I have a lot of saved banner and card files on the computer and need the program CD when I am making the designs on banners and card. Any other help that you might be aware of would be appreciated, otherwise I might be out of luck with this problem. Thanks again for your help…

You more than likely lost several bits of critical data and will probably NOT be able to rescue that disk. The only thing I could suggest to you at this point is Here’s a few hits:

Good luck


Thanks for the help with this. Actually, all of the data is transfering over to the CD copy, because last year before, the CD started cracking, I did try and copy it but for some reason the file info copies over file for file and looks like an exact duplicate but the CD will not work with the program. I don’t know how I can tell if there is any copy protection on it, but I think it may be because of the way the directory or file structure is set up on the disk. Your link to Ebay shows sevreal possibilities that I may try. I am trying to find an earlier version of the same software in which I have some certificate files that I made for a friend several years ago for their racing pidgeons. Thanks you very much for the help. :iagree:

You bet man. See, the problem is, the files may LOOK identical without de-compiling them adn looking at each line of code line by line comparing it to a known-good copy. You’ve got to remember, ANY change in so much as ONE CHARACTOR will cause problems! I honestly think that, even if you’re using an earlier version, a version later should still open your data files. Companies don’t generaly make changes that eliminate the modules needed to open data files savedd by earlier versions. They would certainly loose ALOT of customers were they to do somethign like that. I strongly doubt that the problem is a copy guard so much as it is, you cannot retreive something that no longer exists. Given that that CD is cracked, there are probably SEVERAL bits of data that are simply not there any longer though the drives error correction THINKS it’s done an adiquite job parsing what’s missing.

Given how cheap versions like 4.0 can be had, I HONESTLY feel your BEST bet is to set the cracked CD aside for now, and try a new copy. This copy:

… is $14 shipped to your door and ends in about 9 hours from now. I strongly doubt it’s going to go much higher than the opening bid. ASk yourself, how much time have you spent trying to copy your older version, let alone media you’ve burned, adn how much is each hour of that time worth? Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?


I too feel the disc is beyond salvage. A good analogy would be if you were to cut a 1x1" square out of a cookbook page (the crack). The book may look intact and fine, but there’s no way you’ll be able to make one of the recipies (run the file). Also, you might keep in mind that if the crack is serious enough, the disc could completely break apart in the drive damaging the drive itself.