Can't Copy Partridge Family Season 2?

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to copy “The Partridge Family Season 2” and I have tried all the latest rippers and I still can’t get my PC DVD player to recognize that I even have a DVD in it. Whenever, I turn the rippers off, the DVD player is recognized and then I can play the DVD. This is a SONY DVD. Is this why I’m having this problem? Has anyone had any luck copying this?


Which are? Never use AnyDVD & DVD43 at the same time, your DVD will be invisible. Use one or the other, preferably AnyDVD.

I have used both of them, but not at the same time. I turned one off while I was trying to use the other, but couldn’t make either of them work. :frowning:


Does anyone have this DVD? If so has anyone had any success in copying it?

You need to UNINSTALL DVD43. After that, you need to REBOOT. Now try AnyDVD. It will work.