Cant copy or read blank dvd-r like before?

Hi everyone,

I need help. Basically when I stick a blank dvd into my drive, it doesnt recognise any space (either used or free) on the dvd, because of this I cant copy anything. I have tried 3 different brands of dvd and none work. 1 brand i have used for over a year to copy stuff. Cds can still be read and copied, and dvds that i have alreay copied can also be played. Just new dvd-r’s cant copy anything. I have been copying, using same computer and programs, for over a year and this is first time this has happened. Any suggestions?


What should that give, inserting a BLANK into your drive else than for BURNING IT?!

Use a proper burning app for DVD!

Ignore anything Windows says about the disc (such as the drive being reported as CD drive), get something like AnyDVD, DVD Shrink, DVDDecrypter…and burn away!

I’m assuming you already have Nero…if not, get v6.x.x.x, and stay away from the new v7, at least for now.

Good luck, and happy burning!

I have this same problem. I use Nero ver. 6.x.x.x but when start to burn, the program with display a notification to insert a blank disc.