Cant copy on the fly?

i have an HP 8250i and a delta 48x cd-rom and whenever i try to copy music cd on the fly with NERO and CLONE CD my pc locks up and i have to restart, ive tried putting the read speed down, but the weird thing is that before i was able to do it, now i cant , now i have to make images first and that takes too long, so if anyone has any ideas please help

The best thing would be to buy a SCSI card and cdrom. That’s the only sure way to be able to copy on the fly.

Another thing is make sure the cd’s are clean. If they have many scraches on them it is likely you will get a buffer underrun.

Mmm better try 1 of the programs. Not both at the same time.

and make sure you shut down any other program running like msm or icq.