Can't copy on my Lite On

I am having the same problem that many others are having with their Lite on DVD writer.

Lite-On 1633s
Getting Ilegal Disc

I have attempted firmware update but get warning about wrong drive (BGS4) :a
Have checked transfer mode and its “dma if available”
Unistalled and re-installed device in device manager
Using both TDK and Fugi discs with same errors
tried omni patch and eeprom

I can copy with verbatum and have used Fugi in the past with excellent results

I can post the error if needed

Any suggestions?

Your drive is OEM, it does’nt accept genuine LiteOn firmwares.
You can use flashfixed or crossflash enabled firmwares from the codeguys site. My advise is to crossflash your drive to a 1653. Use this firmware:
It’s the most recent firmware for the 3S series, it support most modern media available now.

:cool: Leo