Can't copy on fly at 8x in either a pioneer 107d OR NEC 2510

hi all

help a noob out will ya?

I’ve been trying to burn on the fly using 8x media (datawrite, datasafe, ritek, arita, tuff disc, bulkpaq, tdk, mirror)in both the above writers to no avail :sad: i’m using upto date nero upto date firmware and xp sp2. both writers recognize ALL the above media as 8x, but will only write at 4x. Nero says it’s writing at 8x but a full rip takes about 14mins so obviously it’s still writing at 4x. the used read buffer in nero will fill up and then drop to 50% for the remaining write time.

somebody did say that the way i have the drives configured might be a problem but i can’t work it out :doh:

help please!

I don’t think that anyone on this forum would recommend on the fly copying of DVD’s.

I don’t know what the Pioneer will read at but I think the NEC is restricted to 4x unless you’ve got modified firmware with riplock removed.

The only true way of determining what you can burn at is from the HD, with it being on a different IDE channel to the burner & with it being defragged on a regular basis.

thx 4 a quick reply!

i think i may have crossed wires - i meant disc to disc copying of non protected DVDs. I’m unsure of how to go about recabling the writers as you suggest. Is there a diagram/example somewhere you could point me to?

thanks man :flower:

Disc to Disc is copying on the fly. The only reason i can see for doing this is hd space, but you may not be able to do it because whatever drive has the original can’t sustain the required transfer rate. You really should try copying to the hd first and then burning. Use Dvddecrypter (if you still have a fat32 partition, use file splitting) to copy to hd, if the discs are single layer you should be able to do it in about 6-7 minutes, After that then burn in another 6-7 minutes. If you really want to do it on the fly you must have a drive with the absolute fastest extraction rate possible, and from what i’ve read thts usually a dvd-rom drive. To put your drives on a separate ide connector, just open your case and you should see an open ide connector (its a blue connector). Make sure your burner and hd are connected to their own connector with a separate cable for each.


tried putting them on seperate IDE channels, they’re now set as Device 0 = primary master, device 1 = slave. Pioneer set as Secondary master, NEC= secondary slave. I can still only write at 4x. and now if i write at "8"x on the pioneer i ALWAYS get a power calibration error - something i never had before. I’m at a complete loss here as my friend uses the same set up, uses the same discs and has no problem at all at 8x on the fly. hard disc space is a concern here, but it’s more one of time - i’m about to back up my dvd collection and don’t have long enough left to live to copy 200+ dvds to the hard drive and then to dvd!

i use the other pc while i burn a disc so as not to deprive the thing of memory - while it’s not the best system it has a 1gb of ram, athlon2.4ghz it should be more than capable of backing up a dvd.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated!

Are all your drives showing in UDMA mode? Check the Primary and Secondary IDE advanced settings to see.

I’m a bit confused here

Tried putting them on seperate IDE channels, they’re now set as Device 0 = primary master, device 1 = slave. Pioneer set as Secondary master, NEC= secondary slave. I can still only write at 4x. and now if i write at "8"x on the pioneer

What device are you reading from? If it’s a DVD-ROM on the primary channel then OK, otherwise if it’s from burner to burner then this is completely wrong for on-the-fly copying. For burner to burner copy/burn you must have these on separate IDE channels.

However, some apps, like Nero I think, will do a read test first & then limit burn speed to match the speed of the reader.

If you don’t have a DVD-ROM I think that without any modified firmware on either burners that have riplock removed then your rip speed will be limited to 4x, so will your burn speed. The Asus E616 is a good DVD ripping DVD-ROM.

Let’s be very clear that whatever you do the reader MUST be on a separate IDE channel to the burner.

BTW you system is well up to spec for this.

thx again 4 a quick reply.

I’m using the nec as a reader and use the pioneer as a writer - there seemed little poinnt in buying a rom when i could get a writer for an extra quid.

I’m still unsure as to the IDE lark tho. I’ve attached a jpg of nero info tool results in case this can help you to help me.

I see what ur saying about the read rate tho - i’ll get a rom asap - a link to where i could get the rom you mentioned will be helpful if you can m8. :flower:

also noticed that some of the system ASPI files are missing, although it appears that NERO aspi is installed correctly - would this be causing a problem as well?

Looks like you are set up ok. I noticed that most of the media you are using is marginal. You might notice some improvement with better media.

With your set up as it stands you cannot expect disc-to-disc copying to work very well, with reader & writer on the same IDE channel.

If you get a DVD-ROM you have to decide which burner you want to remove. My experience of NEC suggests that you remove the Pioneer, but others may disagree.

What I would do is to get a DVD-ROM & make it slave on the primary channel so that you can disc-to-disc to either of the burners.
Then I would get an additional IDE controller & put the HD that was the primary slave on to this new controller.

Here’s a link for the Asus DVD-ROM
& one for an IDE controller card with the same supplier

There is another route to take & that is to move one of the burners to the primary slave position & the slave HD to the secondary channel.
Get modified firmware for the 2510 that removes rip-lock then use this as your reader, although the NEC isn’t the best reader.
Here’s a link for this
I’ve got a 2500 with the 25x02f9_rpc+rl firmware & it works fine.

If the Pioneer reads faster then use that as the reader & the NEC as the writer.

There you have some options.


i got a IDE card lying around, so i’ll stick that in, i’ve ordered the suggested dvd rom and i’ll give it a try as suggested when it turns up. i’ll post a reply to let you guys know how i get on.

I think it’s great how you all put yourselves out for no reward - i guess a lot of you must spend hours trawling the forums!

A big thankyou to all who have made suggestions :bow:

It’s called having nothing better to do. Hope it does eventually work OK.

No no no. Don’t go adding in some third-part IDE card!

Just stop trying to do on-the-fly DVD burning. It’s a bad idea, and as you can see doesn’t REALLY save you time. It takes 5 minutes to rip a disc, is that really so much longer to wait, when it guarantees a good burn?

sorry Gurm, i beg to differ - i’ve NEVER been able to rip a dvd+extras in under 20 mins - or maybe i’m doing something wrong! :eek: Furthermore, what’s the point in ripping to the HDD, then copying back to dvd if i’m just making one copy?? I’ll be here forever!

IF you want speed and don’t care about quality, then go ahead and do on the fly copies. But if you want quality, do like we have been recommending. Burn to HD, then burn do optical drive. The time you lose doing that, will be better than the time you lose reburning bad or failed burns caused by trying to do it on the fly…

Well, if your system isn’t capable of burning on the fly, you’ve got some bottlenecks… which probably ALSO keep you from doing 5-10 minute rips. :wink: