Can't copy 'old country for old men'

hey guys, having a problem here. I tried ripping ‘no country for old men’ and ‘national treasure 2’ to my hdd using dvd decryptor… and imgburn after that failed and get this error message (see attachment)

I have successfully ripped and burned several DVD’s in the past so not sure what the problem is. Any ideas? Thanks very much.

you need to use anydvd or dvdfab, because of the new copy protection…dvddecrypter doesnt work on the newer releases (from sony etc)

ah…good to know. thanks alot Blodulv. No i just need to find those programs and install them.

DVDFab HD Decrypter is the free choice:

DVDFab Gold or Platinum, and AnyDVD are commercial products.

If you want freeware use dvdfab hd decryptor to ripp to hdd thendvdshrink to compress to fit single layer dvd then img burn to burn to disc. But if you want to pay for a really good program get dvdfab platinum with mobile option. It has everything in one program and is very easy to use.

i just burn to DL. So im used to the .iso files with dvd decryptor. how do i burn with imgburn with the two audio and video folders that were ripped to my hdd? thanks.

You can rip to an ISO using DVDFab HD Decrypter too. Last icon on the right on the target line.

To burn the dvd files with ImgBurn, follow this guide.

thanks kerry, great tutorial. Only problem im having is that i dont understand how to create a layer break. From that tutorial it makes it sound like you just preview each cell and pick where you want the layer break. So from the image i have attached i just picked the 3rd line down.
Wasn’t sure what to pick because there wasn’t a point in the DVD that i noticed where there was a scene transition and it went all black.

I would have picked the 2nd one. It’s 50/50, which means you won’t be using the more vulnerable outside of the disk and requires little padding. However, if the DVD went black at the 3rd one, that is probably the better one.


so do i use the 3rd one if the movie went black at anytime during the 3rd one? Wouldn’t that mean i would have to scan through the whole movie? Also, what does padding, and that 50/50 % mean (in laymen terms) Thanks blutach!

No, you’d want the black exactly at the point in the preview where it goes from one cell to the next. If you get black there, that’s a really good LB.

But this is all a bit moot since you have all the cells seamless. This means that you won’t notice the break anyway.