Cant copy new dvd's

got a new dvd rolling stones biggest bang tour and i have 5 programs to rip it and they wont work. Does anyone have any ideas? is there a new software out there?

Have you tried slysoft?

Anydvd must be running to be able to decrypt the protection and then you use clonedvd both from slysoft…then use clonedvd to copy to another dvd or dvd dl media…But also what kinda device do you have currently? Also those programs have a 21 day trials on them…but remember I think once you purchase them you can always get updates but I dont think you can get a refund but you will be satisfied with the programs…

Try RipIt4Me (free program) to rip and burn the dvd may be you can do it.

I too have had no luck ripping the new Stones set with the latest version of AnyDVD or DVDFab. They must be using a new write protection scheme.

This thread is over 2 years old. You may just have a badly mastered dvd or you are not using the latest programs from slysoft or dvdfab. We need alot more info to figure out whats your problem. Most everything can be backed up with clonedvd and anydvd or with dvdfab.