Cant copy my copies anymore! HELP!

For some reason I cant copy my copies anymore, Ive tried different software, different DVD burners but it can never read the DVD-R properly and stops about 60% of reading it, the discs are always in mint condition and never scratched, It even does it on films ive copied fromtime and time again.

Ive always used DVD-R’s with the Ritek die and never had any problems doing what Im doing its just recently, can anyone shed any light on this mystery??!!!

Yes, your discs that were good enough when burnt have deteriorated and are now no longer fully readable. Ritek media is usually regarded as no better than fair and has a dubious reputation for longevity (or lack of it).

You can, however, try first thoroughly cleaning your discs and then ripping them with Dvd Decrypter in .iso mode (with the program set to do say 20 read retries and to ignore read errors). If there aren’t too many unreadable sectors and you then burn the image you’ll probably get a reasonably good copy (though you’d be advised to use a better class of media - e.g. Taiyo Yuden or MCC).

But its the sameforones Ive just burnt! What else coud it be?

@ chiefcrust,

Suggest using the Forum “Search” function and do a Forum search concerning the poor quality and reliability of RitekG05 DVD Media.

At one time Ritek DVD Media was considered good high quality reliable DVD Media but now Ritek media quality has drastically gone downhill and RitekG05 DVD Media is now considered suspect poor quality media.

Suggest using Nero CD-DVD Speed ( and perform a ScanDisc surface scan of your back up copy DVD recorded on RitekG05 DVD Media that you are having difficulty re-copying and check for errors. A properly recorded back copy of a DVD should not contain any errors. If it does contain errors indicates that the blank DVD media used to make this back copy of a DVD is defective meaning that your RitekG05 DVD Media is at fault.

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Thanks alot for your help guys